(closed) Totodile adamant Trade

Trading Name: Lyzqrd

Offer: nothing really i just started the game and since i started school a cant put enough time into the game.Anyways maybe i can repay you after a while with iv stone or something.

Request: Totodile preferably adamant.

Further info:I know that i can get them after midna town but i have wasted a lot of poke balls trying to catch them but no luck.

I can sync hunt an adamant totodile pretty easily if you’re able to trade me an iv stone for it,

Trading Name: TheDevilsApprentice

Reply me for an invite in a site so i can trade it(Discord preferably).

i cant get an iv stone right now but i will close up the trade now btw i just got a delta axew from you wow thanks thats enough

Oh yeah i was trading some breedjects, np xD

Lol thanks anyway im training it up right now wanna see .-.how much he has grown

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