Clear Smog - Bug?

According to Bulbapedia, the move clear smog is supposed to knock the stat changes off of the target. However, I hit a wild Quagsire with the attack after it had used amnesia once and it appeared to retain the buff (it still had +2.0). Is this a bug, or did the move lose this functionality in this game?

I think Quagsire has an ability called unaware which does something to stat changes. Like it doesn’t care if you boost your attack, cause the boost will be negated. I wonder if that’s related at all?

Saikotsu is correct in that Quagsire’s hidden ability is unaware and that it ignores stat changes, but when I tried it on a stoutland that used bulk up, it did not restore the stats, so I’d say your right and it is a bug.

In addition to what is already stated here, it’s my understanding that Unaware is a hidden ability of Quagsire, so this wild one (which I found in samsara cave, if that matters) likely didn’t have it to begin with.

Yes, if found in samsara cave it doesn’t have it, only pokemon from the friend safari can have their HA.