Cleanse Tag

Is there any way to obtain more than one Cleanse Tag? You know why :wink:

Not that I know of. The only one I know about is the one in Vipik.

I had a theory about wild Chimecho having one but it proved wrong. Only item it had was a berry (don’t remember which one). Also seems like Thief move isn’t working. My pokemon had no item on it but when I attempted to steal item nothing happened.

I call lies! Super developer! There was a pokemon who held a lucky egg before when the “only” ways to get lucky eggs where in cities, but i found it on Chansey. Developer; what pokemon carries this item?

I’m not a developer, just a moderator. I wrote that comment 9 months ago, way before I became a mod.

The game is based on gen 6 and has some ORAS content, so it may use that game’s held item pool. According to bulbapedia, it can also be held by wild Pelipper (5% chance) and wild Happiny (5% chance) in ORAS.

P.S: The last comment on the thread was 9 months ago. Please create new topics rather than reviving, or “necroing” dead threads. Thank you.

I only did because so many people in the community are asking for cleanse tags in trading and if they see this they should check it out, im gonna go check if they can have it or not rn. Ill take your tip

Oh, the way you worded it made me assume you were referring to lucky eggs. Cleanse tags are a similar situation with Chimechos, but Johny0z hasn’t yet to return any results and I’m too lazy to hunt chimechos for a 5% held item chance.

i shall be the one, with my PERFECT SYSTEM of COMPOUND EYES and FRISK, and THIEF