Clawitzer jumped to level 40

As soon as my Clauncher evolved into Clawitzer at level 37, it jumped a full three levels without the use of rare candies and reached level 40. Why is that?

It looks like we incorrectly set Clawitzer’s leveling rate to Medium instead of Slow, while Clauncher’s is correctly set to Slow.

So basically a Pokemon with a Medium leveling rate would be at level 40 with the amount of experience that a Pokemon with a Slow leveling rate would take to reach level 37.

So I guess you can just enjoy having to gain less experience to level up your Clawitzer from here on out.

Are there any negative side effects?


What if it skips over a level where it would learn a new move?

I don’t think there should be a case where it skips over a move that Clauncher would learn that Clawitzer then wouldn’t be able to learn within a few levels. It’s a minor inconvenience at best.

I’m pretty sure there is an issue because Clawitzer is supposed to learn Aura Sphere when it evolves AT level 37.

It learns Aura Sphere when it evolves in Gen VII. As Insurgence goes by Gen VI learnsets, it doesn’t learn Aura Sphere until level 67 or by using Heart Scales (level 1).

Can confirm, my Clawlitzer will NOT learn aura sphere on evolve. However, you can get it back using a heart scale in your secret base!