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Clarification on online status

I am new to the community and only really set up an account to get some clarification on the online aspect to the game so I apologise if this is not correct process or in the wrong place etc.

I have searched online for answers as to why the online friends safari does not work, i try to visit other bases in order to find wanted pokemon but get stuck on a rainbow looking scene with no indication of loading, I can only press B to leave back to my own safari. Is this is a bug with the current version (1.2.3 i believe)? and awaiting a fix to be released? or am i horribly stupid and playing an older version with a fix out there?

Just kinda want to know if my 1.2.3 version is the most up to date, if the friends safari is a known issue and if a patch is on its way?

Thanks and sorry again to plague the forums with this crappy post haha

1.2.3 is the current public version so you’re good there. It’s not a version bug, I have 1.2.3 and it works fine.

Have you checked your internet connection while doing it? because you need a connection.

yeah bro all good with internet connection. Validated with other programs.

Damn, I am a tad stuck then haha. Not sure what could be stopping it…

There are a couple of stages to getting to the friend safari.
Which stage are you on? send a screenshot, or a short GIF of your connection process

Like this

Enter cave entrance, connect to internet, log in, username, password, upload base. Receive this error after selecting upload base. Game then crashes.

Same process as before, however select visit base option instead, I have entered a few different usernames as per wiki pages for viable bases, I am then shown this screen. No action until I hit the back button. I am then exited out the small cave option back to my home base.

I guess I never tried to upload base, it crashes for me as well.
However, visiting is no problem for me.

Maybe check your computer settings, maybe there’s something in there that doesn’t allow you to use the internet in this game specifically.

Uploading bases is broken for everyone with no fixes.

cool man i will try and figure it out thanks for the help, i just want to visit bases so uploaded can be forgotten.

thanks again!

no problem i mainly wanna visit bases. Thanks for clarifying though.

running as admin resolved

l o l

Was this problem ever solved, im having this issue too