Christmas update?

Do you think you guys could get the next patch update done by Christmas? Because that would be a great Christmas present. I know it won’t complete the whole game but I’d like to fight in a completed Battle Frontier and especially a completed Challenge Championship. Speaking of which if any of you are interested… Pokemon Challenge Championship suggestions

(I do apologize if I sound rude. Also I am not a part of the dev team or mod team or anything but theres my opinion/comment)

I understand you wanting the update as soon as possible, but trying to tell the devs to match a deadline that you’ve decided on isn’t going to help speed things up. I’ve seen an online list of bugs they’re most likely going though and its much much much longer than you’d think. I’m sure the devs thank our interest in the game, but please give them time to finish the update which will (again not a dev) take longer than we hope.