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Choose Hidden Power Type OR IV Number

So, one thing that frustrated me was the fact that you need to breed countless times and reload until you come up with a good combination of IVs and Hidden Power and it takes a LOT of time. Trying to get a decent Jolteon in this game is basically masochism, given the amount of time and patience you need to invest on it.
My suggestion would be to add an NPC that allows you to change the Hidden Power Type or to simply allow players to customize the IVs on the IV Changer, this would save a lot of time for people who want to build a good team, and you wouldn’t need anymore to invest several hours (or even days) trying to get the pokemon you want, like I did.

yea would be great, but I don’t think the devs are changing the game anymore, only bug fixes.

that aside, I feel it would be crazy for mons that rely on HP ice and fire like magnezone and roserade. plus the IV would be crazy good with trick room

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The game is in far more development than just bug fixes, our current project is 1.3. You can read a little more of a sneak peek about some of it here~


woah that’s crazy, I had no idea lol. This also means I should probably scrap my little review of the game lol, as a ton of the stuff I was thinking about were addressed there haha