Cherry the red gardevoir

i really want the red pokemons but espesily red gardevoir. :heart: but the leugue is so hard for me.
can anyone eachter give me tips or trade me one plz? :thinking: thank you. :innocent:

no go to easy mode

:3 i am on easy mode.! :sweat_smile: :3 this game is not easy thats for sure.! :sweat_smile: :3
but i love it a lot.! :3 ;3

i got mine by bruteforcing it with loading saves

:3 what kind of team did ya use.? :3 :thinking: ;3 :3

mega d charizard
d roserade focus sash/life orb idr
d greninja focus sash
armor tyranitar
d reuniclus leftovers
heracross scarf
keep in mind it still took a lot of resets cuz i didnt want to build a better team

intresting.! :3 :star_struck: what level were they.? :3 :thinking: :3 this might help me for the rematch.! :grin: :3 ;3 :3 :3 ;3 ;3 ;3

even lvl and u will be fine