Check my team

delta chandelure



delta Haxorus.

delta noivern.

delta scizor.

im not really sure if my team is that good but im putting it here anyway.

moss bat was the dragon sweeper before i got flygon. thats why he has dragon pulse dont know what to replace it with tho.

you also may notice the lack of status moves. i’ve also noticed that…

You can right click your Pokemon and export them into a text file, it can help making your team easier to read through.

Delta Chandelure go with this moveset:
Lava Plume
Calm Mind/Psychic/Energy Ball

Delta Haxorus moveset:
Sword Dance
Aqua Tail
Iron Head - Move Tutor in Kepler City

Drakon Voice - Move Reminder
Ancient Roar - Move Reminder
Bug Buzz
Earth Power - Move Tutor in the Rezzai Cavern

Armoured Tyranitar
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock

Delta Noivern:
Nasty Plot
Giga Drain
Flash Cannon
Dragon Pulse / Dark Pulse

Delta Scizor - Keeping it as Delta Scyther would have been better you can read more about it in this thread: Delta Scyther vs. Delta Scizor
I would recommend replacing it, maybe with Delta Gardevoir.

oh thanks

also the d garde had a nature that lowered sp attack so that wasnt an option

where do i right click to export into text.

In your party, it is one of the options you get when you click on it. Name the file and it should appear in the Exports folder of your Programs file. You may have to use your computer’s search function to find it.

I would do aqua jet+ sd for D hax but just a personal opinion