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Cheat Engine Shiny-Lock?

I remember early in my playthrough trying to use Cheat Engine to speed the game up (for grinding), which didn’t work very well. I’m curious if that moment could potentially have shiny-locked my game?
Because I’m inclined to believe the devs made a defense mechanism within the code to prevent cheating.
And I haven’t gotten a shiny yet (currently Masuda breeding without charm) and I’m probably getting close to the base shiny odds (I know that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed).
Any input?

Honestly, you just made a case for yourself to be trade/IP banned. Cheating to speed up the grind isn’t really accepted

If you read my words literally, I only did it for a moment at the very beginning of my playthrough.
And if they’ll ban me for such a minuscule reason, I wouldn’t even want to be part of this community.

I mean whether or not it was done at the beginning or only for a short time doesn’t really matter. Cheating is a banworthy offense and is literally stated in the rules of the forum and discord. There’s already an issue with people hacking shiny pokemon, and such methods to speed up grinding are only adding to the problem. You’ve already used a cheat engine once, and there’s nothing keeping you honest if you decide to use it again.

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Like I also said, the speed up didn’t even work. And if I remember correctly, it actually made my game slightly slower.
And the best and worst quality of mine is my honesty, which you might see from my first post for an instance.

I mean I’m not saying that you should be immediately banned, but just that the fact you used a cheat engine raises many questions about any traded mons being legitimate. That’s the kind of thing that ruins the current trading economy, and is pretty serious

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Dude, word of advice, dont use ce. I got tradebanned for using it. It was really really not fun. And to answer your question, nope. It wont shinylocke you.

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Yup. Hacking and banning is a serious problem here.

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You do know there is an ingame turbo button?

Of course, it’s just that I’m more used to GBA boosting. Getting up to a nice 4400-5500% game speed.