Charizardite Y for Delta charizardite

Trading Name: LeBoneGuy

Offer: Charizardite Y

Request: Delta charizardite

Further info: I forgot to turn off purity mode and so i got a charizardite Y instead of a Delta charizardite, and i dont have a normal charizard to use it on so im kinda screwed.
(sorry for any misspellings)

if you could send it to me on a petilil that would be great

oh sure, and youll give me a Delta charizardite in return?
sorry for the late responce btw

hey, still interested? i can give it to you whenever your online.

Yeah I’m still interested, I’ll be on in like 5


its been 10, are you busy or something?

Yea I have to do dishes I’ll hit you up when I can do the trade

its cool, ill talk to you soon.

actually im ready rn

oh ok

actually what level is your delta charizard? i have a lvl 67 i can give you

mine is 57, if you wanna give it then ill take it but im really just after the Delta charizardit, any pokemon is fine.

okay whats your trading name

it said you left the trade


there you go

woooo, my first trade, nice doing business with you.

anytime! dm me if theres anything else you need!

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will do!

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