Charizardite X?

Guys, is it possible to play Egg challege then trade the Charizardite X to a normal save file?

u cant use online features in challenge run

ohh ok. thanks. hmm, and its not possible to get charizardite X through normal run right? so…would u suggest i do the egg challenge or just play the game normally?

normal cause egg challenge is currently a bit broken

Okay thanks haha. I had a hard time sleeping trying to decide to continue playing Charizard X or Y.

Charizardite X is currently not available, but will be in the next update, along with every mega stone. If it’s any consolation, Charizardote Y is available to you if you pick a charmander while playing purity mode. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. i already got charizardite Y hehe. currently building a team for charizard x but iv farming is hard