Charizardite for Shiny Charizard

Trading Name: PokemonTrainerIan


Request:I’m looking for a Charizardite and am willing to trade my Shiny Charizard for it. Since this is a gosh dang Shiny Charizard, I’m more specifically in search of a Charizardite X, but if no one is willing to give out that much, I’ll take a Y.

Further info: Is that good enough? Seems like it.

don’t trade your char for a megastone

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X doesn’t exist yet.

i can offer you 6 5 iv pokemons of your choice, i will ev train them and they will have competitive moves, 3-4 egg moves, plus held item. (example if you want a mega char y as one of the pokemons i will include the megastone in the trade) i think this is a fair offer considering you only need the stone.

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if you want X, wait until 1.2. It will have to come out somewhere, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s available to all players in game. Only time will tell though.

one of my transactions for a shiny, it includes all the held items +char y.

all these for 1 shiny,

Damn. Need to check the Wiki before posting.

Well. Has anything pointed towards the inclusion of Charizardite Y in 1.2?

there is char y available now im currently getting one.

The team for the Shiny is a damn good offer though. Especially when I have no real need for one of those. Its more of a collective/trading tool thing, which I was never much into…still, let me think this through for a bit.

Charizardite X, I meant.

My mistake.

char x is at 1.2 well my offer still stands remember it is your choice on which poke you want. the last one i made a team for wanted a focus on char y and only lucario and ttar as specifics.

I can give you Charizardite Y and fifteen IV stones

Thanks, but…I think I’ll hold onto the Shiny for a bit more in this case. At least until the 1.2 release. Just in case…

Well, I can’t wait. Hope its released soon.

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Err… What about my offer?

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