Changing Pokemon in party - PC?

Hey! I’m relatively new to Insurgence (gonna go up against Orion soon [I sound like such a noob, right?]), and here’s the deal. I’ve got a level 9 Nosepass in my party which is useless. It can’t do much of anything in-battle. I know that in a different fangame, Pokemon Sage, each Pokemart/mall/thingamajig has a PC which you can use to swap out Mons. I also know that I’ve caught more than 6 Mons and that the extras were sent to “Box_1” on “Someone’s PC”. Here’s my question - how can I exchange this Nosepass for literally just about anything else?

Thanks in advance!

the PC is on the Pokémon Center, it’s a black box by the left side of Nurse Joy (her left). There, you access your PC, where you can deposit items, or “someone’s PC”, which is where the Pokémon are kept.

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Hey, that works! I was trying to access it from its sides and it wasn’t working XD thanks!