Changing of the Title Screen

I’ve been playing the game for some days now and advanced to the point where I could catch Snorlax. I saw at some other discussion that the title screen is supposed to change while the story progressed and that some had a different title screen. I’ve had Giratina since I started playing, and wanted to know if it’s now supposed to be like this or if maybe something went wrong while the game was installed or something.

Did you play through the game at least once already? From what I know, new files are created when you reach certain points in the story, and the game checks those files to determine which splash screen it shows. Redownload/re-extract the core and load your new save, the splash screen should update when you reach the next major part in the story on your new save.

Note: If you’re on a Mac, You’ll have to transfer the save(s) to your new core.

No, it’s my first playthrough. I will try the redownload/re-extract.

You said files are created when I reach a certain point, but I saw that all up to Giratina are already created. The same is in the core zip file. I placed some of the ‘reached#txt’ files to a different folder (All the ones after the next title screen I should see) and then when I restart the game I see the title screen I should be seeing.