Changing my team; open for suggestions

Hey, I just defeated the Elite Four and I’m considering of changing my team around for the post-game if I ever get the motivation to work on it again. Here’s my team (they’re all EV-trained):

Jirachi @ Amulet Coin, Serene Grace, Jolly Nature, Iron Head/Zen Headbutt/Thunder Wave/Wish

Meowstic-M @ Light Clay, Prankster, Modest Nature, Psyshock/Thunder Wave/Light Screen/Reflect

Delta Metagross (Spider) @ Leftovers, Immunity, Adamant Nature, Earthquake/X-Scissor/Toxic/Spider Web

Delta Lilligant (Water) @ Life Orb, Storm Drain, Timid Nature, Scald/Fiery Dance/Tail Glow/Recover

Delta Roserade @ Focus Sash, Shadow Dance, Timid Nature, Moonblast/Dark Pulse/Moonlight/New Moon

Delta Bisharp @ Delta Bisharpite, Defiant, Jolly Nature, HJK/Power-Up Punch/Blaze Kick/Acrobatics

I’m thinking of changing Meowstic-M and putting in a different Pokemon because I have two Psychic-types that uses Thunder Wave. But Prankster and dual screens is usually very good support for my team so that’s why I kept it. I’m lacking a type that can handle water or flying types, so electric type is what I’m considering (plus having Livewire might be a good idea).

Sometimes it’s either Jirachi or D. Metagross that leads. If I do get a new Pokemon with Livewire, that means I’ll have to replace Sticky Web on Delta Metagross. I’ve also have other Pokemon in my PC that are high leveled and EV-trained like Mega Eevee, Delta Mawile, Regular Mega Mawile, Delta Scizor, Lucario, ect. Maybe a tanky Pokemon or an electric type or an ice type is a good idea. Oh, and I haven’t got around to give D.Metagross his hidden ability yet.

But yeah, I’m open for suggestions. There’s so many Deltas and Megas out there, I have no clue which one I want, and I kinda of need some guidance on that.

I suggest for delta bisharp is to give it cross chop

and replace ever jirachi or meow stick

Replace Meowstic with Mew or Klefki. Both do literally everything Meowstic does better. Mew has longevity and can set up screens more consistently while Klefki has Spikes and Foul Play to beat setup and helps the rest of your team.

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Yeah, I think my new aim is to get a Klefki. Even though it probably won’t be easy to get a Dual Screen one considering how the Light Screen and Reflect TM is from the Game Corner. I definitely like the sound of Klefki!