Change Request: Meloetta

Please do something about the Tile Puzzles you have to solve to get Meloetta. I like how you have to do something other than dungeon delving to get may of the Legendary Pokemon, but I hate these kinds of puzzles. To compound my issues with these puzzles, where each tile is randomized each time you start over. Meaning that there is effectively a random solution for each one. I have spent hours on each puzzle so that I could complete the Pokedex, and I only got one of the scrolls. Please change what kind of puzzle you have to solve, or at least make it so there’s a set solution for each puzzle.

To note, there essentially is a set solution to the puzzles, no matter what order the tiles are in. Admittedly this does require knowing what the end result looks like, but the puzzles should be much much easier with these steps.

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Admittedly, I feel like an idiot after reading that. Now I just need to figure out which tiles correlate to which tiles! Thank you.