Championship Tournament

Anyone else make it to the Championship Tournament in the Battle Frontier? The idea is cool, but for some odd reason the competitors are naked lol. I’ve patched it to the latest one but no dice. Don’t know if that is just my game. Also the battle factory was crashing when I started a tourney, but after I patched the game, it was working but for some reason I’m still having this bug with the Championship Tournament.

It’s a bug that’ll be fixed in 1.2.3.

Thanks for the reply. Also my Pokemon are gaining EXP after each battle during the tournament. Is that also gonna be fixed in 1.2.3?

Most likely.

Cool, 1.2.3 isn’t gonna come out for a while tho huh is already out and public for the discord, but can’t be shared to the forums or well, any other place.

Ok cool, I’ll try to get it, thanks.