Challenge mode?

Hey, I was wondering, since there seems to be a bug on 1.1.7, how do I start a randomizer? Someone asked the same question before but it was never answered in the forum. Thanks

I’m not sure what bug you’re referring to. If you want to start a randomizer then you just need to start a new game and select “Randomizer” from the list of options that appears when asked if you want to start a challenge run.

When you start up a new game it will ask you if you want to do a challenge run after Jaern’s speech. Choose yes and press randomizer with the mouse. Then confirm that you want to do a randomizer. The beginning of the game will be normal, but when you choose starters they will be random. If this does not answer your question, specify.

By bug, are you referring to randomized egglocke? That’s different from Randomized challenge. Randomized egglocke bugged in 1.1.7 and will be fixed in 1.2.

Else, do what Rocket and Pokenerd suggested.