Challenge Championship

The most effective team and the one I see most people recommend is choice scarf, entertainment, truant durant with a setup sweeper.

What I use
I use moon team with greninja, spiritomb, delta volcorona. It is not as effective but in my opinion it is more fun to use and you finish the tournament faster with this team than the Meta team. I think my win rate for this team is between 80% and 90%.It can be 100% or near it once you perfected on using this team and learning the AI.


  • Ability: Protean
  • Item: Life Orb
  • Nature: Naive
  • EVs: 4 atk/252 sp atk/252 speed
  • Moves
    -Ice Beam
    -Shadow Sneak/Gunk Shot/Extrasensory


  • Ability: Noctem
  • Item: Eject Button
  • Nature: Careful
  • EVs: 252 hp/ 4 atk/ 252 sp def
  • Moves:
    -Sucker Punch
    -Pain Split
    -Curse/Memento/Foul Play

Delta Volcorona

  • Ability: Absolution
  • Item: Choice Scarf
  • Nature: Timid/Modest
  • EVs: 4 def/252 sp atk/252 speed
  • Moves:
    -Dark Pulse/Lunar Cannon
    -Sludge Wave
    -Hyperspace Hole
    -Aura Sphere

Team Explained
Greninja will be the lead. With U-turn it will be able to break sash on Gardenia’s Roserade, Brock’s Golem, at the same time chipping health on some Pokemon to allow Volcorona to easily finish it off. When you use U-turn switch to Spiritomb to get hit and activate eject button to get a free and safe switch to Delta Volcorona.

Shadow Sneak on Greninja will allow you to avoid a fighting type move and chip the health then maybe chip it even more with u-turn or finish them off with Surf. Shadow Sneak is also useful for priority against a weakened Pokemon that is faster than your Greninja. Gunk Shot is only useful against Wallace’s Mega Milotic or against Harmony’s Delta Crustle so it most likely the worst option. Extrasensory might be the best option for the last move as this team is somewhat weak against fighting types and there is a lot of fighting types trainers that you might have to face.

Honestly the set I have on my Spiritomb may not be that great as there are way more physical attackers and threatening ones than special especially the physical attackers with dragon dance. It might be better to run impish with max physical defense. His last move all the options are equally good but I think I personally rather have curse as it will take away 25% health from my opponent at the same time take away 50% of my max hp so if I below that number I get a free and safe switch to anyone. You could also replace Will-o-Wisp because through my experience you usually do not get the chance to use this.

Delta Volcorona moves do not need explanation honestly the only one is why hyperspace hole over psychic. I have hyperspace because Mega Blaziken will try to protect on you so having this move will stop that but unfortunately it survive with one hp so you will need another pokemon in the back to win. Also you might need to run modest because I ran into many fighting types that will survive with like 10% health left but running modest will make you slower than Clay’s Choice Scarf Excadrill which absolutely destroys this team. But I guess this is where extrasensory Greninja come in and be helpful as the way to destroy fighting types.