Challenge Championship in the Battle Frontier

I’m looking for a good team to at least get the first win.

I can’t speek for you, but I used a team featuring Mega Gardevoir, Armored Tyranitar, Excadrill, Rotom-H, Choice Scarf Delta Charizard and Swords Dance Scizor to anihilate the E4. However, the team doesn’t have to be that highly synergised to win against it. What do you currently havein mind?

Sorry for the misconception. I meant the Champion Challenge at the battle frontier. I’ve already beat the E4 and the rematches with out a mon fainting. Thanks for your input thought. If you have any recommendations they would be apretiated.

My first win (and only - I’m not a fan of the BF) was with δCharizard, δScizor and Azumarill… I use my 6 mons for everything and it’s not a “good” team xD (the other 3 are Nidoking, Jumpluff and Crustle).

Just… try until you get a lucky match-up, I guess?

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