Certain Sounds Won't Play

I loaded up a new save on Big Sur after the wine installation and certain sounds wouldn’t play. It started with Mew’s cry in both the title screen and in game but I think the problem there is it is the only cry ion the game to have a mp3 file but not a wav file. But things got very shaky when I got to the darkrai ritual. Every time my game fails to play a sound, it stops all processes for like 5 seconds. With how many sounds are trying to play during the ritual my game dropped to less than 1 frame a second. Any help with fixing the sound files or doing something to my mac would be helpful.

I did hear somewhere it might be a problem with my built-in speakers so just so you know I am NOT using headphones

EDIT: I have turned one of them mp3 files that wasn’t playing into a wav file and it did work being this is a file issue, I am currently working on making new sound files for everyone to use.

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Uh, you could just delete all the sound files. You won’t have a problem with lag, at least. But I think that might just be the legendary awakening sequence, it always lags for me.

i dont think so cause it feels the same amount of time as the other missing/nonplaying audio and no audio sound effects r playing. Also deleting the sound files might work but i sorta wanted sound not to just remove it all together

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