Cave Of Orgin Puzzle Glitched

I finished the puzzle correctly but the puzzle is making me continue working on it is there any reason why? Edit: Never mind the 2 pieces on the right side needed to be switched sine they are both blank side pieces there is no discernible difference

Yeah for the left side you can tell but on the right side you can’t. I rage quit for a couple days because of that puzzle.

Thankfully I figured it out before I got to that point, It is still stupid that they didnt give any discernible differences between the 2 pieces though.

Yeah. On the left you can tell but on the right it’s a nightmare.

Something they could have done is at least made it so the pieces dont connect to the piece next to it like it does when it is correct.

Yeah, but that would take away the difficult part which they probably intended to have there.

But having it connect just tricks the player into thinking they were right and takes away from the feeling of success they get from correctly finishing it, and when they do finish it they are either too tired or too frustrated to care.

You can actually complete the eighth puzzle really easily.

Yeah, this minute mix-up seems to be getting most people, myself included, it’s actually a bit unfair.