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Good day,
I’m still relatively early into my randomizer playthrough and I just got to Metchi town. I’ve been trying to catch as many Pokemon as I can, but my catch rate is abysmally low. In the Cyan cave I entered with 51 pokeballs, and by the time I left I had 3 new pokemon.

I make sure to weaken them as much as possible, and I try to inflict status effects like sleep or paralysis as well, but even so, I’m surprised at how resistant to being caught many of the Pokemon are.

I know some species have a lower catch rate than others, so it’s possible I just got unlucky and hit a bunch of low catch rate pokemon, but 3 pokemon out of 51 balls seems really bad especially when I was doing statuses and weakening my potential new party members. Should I just keep plowing forward and unlock better balls, or is there something else I can be doing to raise my success rate?


there’s nothing much you can do besides what you’ve mentioned so you’re just going to have to keep getting better balls

thats what theyre doing

Well, better mons generally have lower catch rates. In randomizers, you don’t need great mons, my Paras, Dwebble and Gliscor have been carrying my team up to Taen. Genesect, funnily enough, barely helps.

I see. I don’t really have any Pokemon that I’d say carry my team. Even Zekrom, one of the very first Pokemon I caught, dies alot (I struggle to catch most Pokemon, but he stayed in the ball first try shrug.)

My problem is probably coverage moves. Most of my Pokemon are fairy types with few options for dealing with physical attackers. Since most are special attackers, a pokemon with high special defense will give me trouble.

That said, I’m enjoying the challenge.

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Yeah, pokemon logic. GL with your run, little self advertising, but the run above is viewable on my thread. Off-topic tho.