Catching Arceus (SPOLIERS maybe)

Any Tips on how to catch it as perish song is my new least favourite move. BTW I do not have a master ball

False swiper and sleeper. Lots of ancient balls from Holon.

They work really well

what is a sleeper?

Use false swipe, put it to sleep/paralysis, and heavy balls.

no heavy balls XD

Somebody who has a sleeping move. Hypnosis, dark void, sleep powder, etc

Then your best ball is either going to be ancient or dusk, assuming it’s night time.

I have snore balls and thunder wave but that is it for sleep/paralysis.

night time soon

Snore balls would work. Sleeping would be better than paralysis, because then you don’t have to worry about it breaking through paralysis and destroying whoever’s in front.

Snore balls only last for 1 turn unfortunately. While still very good, I’d recommend going for a move. While less reliable regarding accuracy, the potential to have around 5 turns go by without retaliation seems much more worthwhile.

OK I will try later.

Anything said before works, but you could also try taunting it. Sleep is obviously the most helpful, but keeping it constantly taunted prevents in from using perish song.

(A few mons I know for sure that have taunt is the Delta Axew line since I use Delta Haxorus)