Casual Team (Minor Spoilers)

Second time playing after a long break, and im thinking of a interesting team, and i would like some feedback!

Delta Charizard Delta Gallade (Really hope i get male!) Lucario Alakazam Nidoking Crawdaunt

Im also thinking about a Armor Tyranitar replacing someone

Tell me what you think! i think it will do well. Thanks in advance!

Who are you going to mega evolve? Thats really important for a team like this

Well, i was thinking Delta Charizard or Crawdaunt, But since crawdaunt isnt available im not sure. Most likely Delta Charizard. What would you say?

Forgot to reply, Sorry :frowning:

The whole team can hold their own without mega’s except for crawdaunt and Charizard so if you want use either one of them i advise you stick a mega on one. You should stick a life orb on Gallade and focus on getting that physical attack way up along wih speed to make him a good sweeper. Replace Lucario since you already have two sweepers i’d recommend a bulky fire type like Heatran, moltres, Arcanine, ETC Alakazam really always felt like he got the short end of the psychic type stick with Pokemon like Renunclus being bulkier then him and Pokemon like Gardevoir being more defensive then him. Not saying he Isn’t good Its just in my opinion there are better Pokemon in his type that can do his job better. As for Nidoking i have Zero experience with him.

Hm, so replace Crawdaunt with maybe some a bit bulkier (Maybe tyranitar?). Replace lucario with Arcanine (One of my favorite pokemon anyways, love growlithe/arcanine), ive always like alakazam due to that really high speed. Thanks for the help! That would leave the team to

Delta Charizard (Mega) Arcanine, Alakazam, Nidoking (Maybe, i might find a ground type i prefer), Delta Gallade and Crawdaunt (Adaptibility).? Does that sound good?

I wasn’t planning to type out this much, but I did. These are just suggested movesets, you should be fine with whatever you chose to use. I didn’t include Armor Tyranitar, but you could easily switch out one Poke for him. I am pretty poor in looking for overall weaknesses and synergies, so your mileage may vary. I did, however, notice that this team is pretty Hyper-Offensive, which is fine if that’s how you like to play. I also did not include EVs, but standard spreads (252 in two stats, 4 in one) should be fine.

You don’t have many options for D. Char. for ability, so you will probably want something like

D.Charizard w/ D. Charizardite

A: Spirit Call (Noctem)

  • Lunar Cannon

  • Dragon Pulse

  • Frost Breath

  • Dragon Dance/Draco Jet/Shadow Sneak

The last slot will either be setup or priority.


Little ability choice again with D. Gallade and remember to save before you battle the D. Ralts so that you can quickly restart if it is female.

D. Gallade w/ Expert Belt

A: Volt Absorb

  • Icicle Crash/Ice Punch

  • Wild Charge/Thunder Punch

  • Night Slash/Zen Headbutt

  • Drain Punch

I gave D. Gallade an Expert Belt due to the fantastic coverage Ice+Electric has on its own and D. Gallade’s other coverage. You could also use a Life Orb since you have Drain Punch. The elemental Punches can be used over Crash/Charge if you don’t want to worry so much about Accuracy/Recoil. Night Slash nets only 220 pokemon not super effectively hit, however Zen Headbutt can be used instead for 235 pokemon, but it better covers your team’s fighting weakness (Which would be worse with Tyranitar, but it could work). Drain Punch is more coverage plus good recovery.


If you use Nidoking, you use Sheer Force + Life Orb. No Exceptions. As for a moveset, just get Poison Jab as a Nidorino, Earth Power as a Nidoking, and whatever other coverage TMs you would like, such as Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Megahorn (Learnset) if you need that coverage badly, etc.


Crawdaunt, if you aren’t using the Megastone, make sure he has Adaptability.

Crawdaunt w/ Life Orb

A: Adaptability

  • Aqua Jet

  • Crabhammer

  • Knock Off

  • Swords Dance

Taken straight from Smogon, TBH. Aqua Jet is a must for priority, Knock Off kills anything with an item except Megas, Crabhammer for anything that Knock Off doesn’t Knock Out, and Swords Dance to make sure that you destroy everything.


Arcanine can run either Flash Fire or Intimidate, your choice.

Arcanine w/ Leftovers

A: Flash Fire/Intimidate

  • Morning Sun

  • Flare Blitz/Flamethrower

  • Wild Charge/Close Combat/Crunch/Thunder Fang/Extreme Speed

  • Wild Charge/Close Combat/Crunch/Thunder Fang/Extreme Speed

Leftovers for passive recovery, Morning Sun is almost a must for immediate recovery. Flare Blitz for powerful STAB. The next two slots will be coverage and priority. Thunder Fang and Flamethrower are there in case you want to avoid the recoil damage.


Alakazam usually runs Magic Guard.

Alakazam w/ Life Orb

A: Magic Guard

  • Psychic

  • Focus Blast

  • Hidden Power Whatever You Get Because Breeding That Is Terrible/ Dazzling Gleam/Charge Beam/Energy Ball

  • See above/Recover

Life Orb just increases power with Magic Guard. Psychic for STAB, Focus Blast for coverage for Dark Types not named Sableye/Spiritomb. The next two are for coverage, although Recover is an option if you’d like to try it.

Wow, thanks! Yeah, i like hyper aggressive in casual, cause its hard for me to see a use for walls in casual play, thanks again!

Just as a little incentive for you to try armored tyranitar, I made a 248 hp, 100 defense, 162 sp. defense impish tyranitar with the armor and it is borderline stupid how tanky he is. I dont think any npc can kill it, it takes super effective hits like a champ and the only attacks that can threaten to kill it are fighting, I took like 10% from a super effective hydro pump from one of the memory chamber trainers, mainly because of how much special defense it gets in sand (which is the normal defense x1.3 and then x1.5). You may want to try it as a pivot for your offensive team. And btw, it still hits haaaard!

Okay, sweet! thanks! i used Armored Tyranitar in my last run, and i LOVED IT. I will look into that!

UPDATE: I decided upon my final team! Thanks to everyone!

Alakazam, Arcanine, D Charizard(Mega), Crawdaunt, Excadrill, D Gallade. Thanks to all <3