Can't Wonder Trade

I attempted to Wonder Trade for the first time since downloading the newest update of the game in which it’s introduced but the process won’t complete.

Once I select the desired Pokemon the screen goes blank for several seconds then a message appears that reads: “Your wonder trade has timed out”.

I tried it 3 times with the same result.

What’s the problem?

It could be that there’s no one else attempting to initiate a Wonder Trade,therefore you don’t have a trade partner.

Second attempt, 14 hours after creating this thread and same result.

It crossed the back of my mind that no one else was Wonder Trading and therefore it had no partner to assign me but I’ve never had that experience before in any game both mainstream and Reborn. So I can’t help feeling skeptical but will be giving it at least one perhaps two more attempts.

Third attempt.

In total I’ve attempted to Wonder Trade at:
10:39pm last night and 12pm, 1pm and 3pm this afternoon, PST and all of them timed out.

There is no way that the server has been completely empty throughout the span of 16 hours is there?

I don’t think many people attempt wonder trading in this game. If they do, they can be at different times, so I think its best asking for a direct trade here in the forum. The only real use for it is to acquire space mew.

Wow. That’s surprising and a bummer.
Welp, alright then, so Wonder Trading is a bust in this game.


Plus,I’m fairly certain most of the people using Wonder Trade are just using it to change the form of their Mew.