Can't use waterfall?

How do I use waterfall in-game? I’ve beaten the 7th gym and gotten Calreath’s badge, but when I go to a waterfall, I still can’t use the move outside of battle. I get the prompt that it’s a waterfall, but nothing happens.
The waterfall(s) in question are the ones outside Samsara Cave, since I’m trying to get TM Roost. The pokemon with Waterfall is a random goldeen I caught at Midna Mine. When I go to the team window in the inventory and select goldeen, waterfall shows up as an option, but when I select it, nothing actually happens.

you cant use hms, you have to wait until you get the hm replacement for waterfall: magic carpet

I’m able to use HMs like Fly though, why not waterfall?

Because then you would be able to reach post game stuff early


dang, thanks for answering tho

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it is stupid…