Cant use Scuba Gear in maelstrom 9! HELP!

For some reason when I surf over the deep part of Maelstrom 9, it doesn’t give me the option to use my scuba gear! Help! Is there a patch?

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Have you gone into Kepler City, labratory, into the door, bump into Anastasia, and watched Audrey ride on a Lugia? After seeing Audrey, Anastasia gives you the Scuba Gear. You go back to the dark water in M. 9 and click on it (default key is c I think), if that doesn’t work, try going into your bag and select the Scuba Gear item and use it. If that doesn’t work, then idk.


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The Scuba Gear is a replacement for the Dive move, but you can still use the Dive move.
Catch a Seel (Lv. 41) or a Wailmer (Lv. 33) and level up until it learns the move, you can find them in friend safaris

Friend Safari

I had the same issue. Just press enter! (and to get back to the surface, find a light area and hit enter again)