Can't update 1.2.0 on mac?!

Please someone help, I’m trying to download the final update from the official website ( on my macbook, but when I click download under mac, nothing happens. However the download button works for both windows options. What do I do? I want to download it before Nintendo might take it down.

Just wait a second after clicking it.

I think all mac users are having the same issue. I’m trying to use Winebottler, will update if it works

I am, but nothing is happening. I’m using my google chrome browser and usually there is a bottom bar showing downloads (it popped up when I clicked download for the windows options), but it won’t pop up when I click download for mac. Is the link broken or empty?

Ok, thank you!

Seems to work fine for me. Alternatively you can try going here

Huh, the link provided works for me, but when I try to click the button on the main page nothing happens.

Is there a torrent for the mac ver.?

Oh that worked, it’s downloading! Thank you so much!! Also, will my save file automatically carry over to this update or do I have to do something special to link my save file?

No torrent yet unfortunately, will be up in a while

I downloaded that a few days ago and it’s been working well, but when I try to patch it, it came with no folders or anything, just the game. Is there a way I can find the folders so I can patch it?