Can't Trade

I’m pretty new here so I didn’t know where to post this.

I asked my friend to help trade me so I could get my Haunter to evolve, but when we got to the trade screen it went completely blank.

I don’t know if there’s something wrong on my end, or hers. But I’m hoping to find a solution very soon. I don’t want to uninstall then reinstall the game due to the fact that I can lose my save file. (I don’t know how to prevent that from happening.) So if anyone is willing to help it would be truly appreciated!

By helios city in the black market you can evolve for free

That doesn’t exactly solve my problem. :confused: What if I want to trade in the future and it still causes problems for me?

Oh ok sorry about that confusion I thought you just needed to evolve the haunter, my bad

The servers sometimes can go down (here is a link to where you can check that)

Also, the witch doctor npc in the black market under Helios City can help with any evolutions that need trading

No it’s okay. Omg I hope I didn’t sound rude.

Its all good

The link isn’t working for me. X_X

In the top bar on the website, “Status” links to the same page.

That’s weird…It says everything is operational. :confused:

If the screen goes blank after trying to connect to the internet you may have some changed files that differ from the original downloaded files (these changes could have been made by you or not). You can reinstall the game and swap your old save files to the new directory to fix this.

You can’t trade with people on same WIFI.

That’s the problem, we aren’t on the same wifi, she’s at her house and I’m at mine. :confused:

Were you able to connect to the server and you’re getting the black screen after trying to send the trade request? If that’s the case, one of you typed the other’s name wrong, with regards to case sensitiveness.

If only one of you is able to connect to the server and the other is unable to connect, the other person may try redownloading the core and ensure that their version is 1.1.7 by checking the trainer card. The save files are located in [quote] PC:

C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing)

If you are on Windows XP and cannot locate the above folder, the folder should just be the folder with your Game.exe and the rest of the files.


Right click the app, Show Package Contents, drive_c, Program Files, Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing)

In both cases, it is the Game.rxdata file. You can create backups of it, or copy and paste it to a different computer to continue your game.[/quote]

Try sometime after Sunday 8pm UTC, since that’s when it’s supposed to be back up.

Okay so my friend and I attempted to trade a second ago. It’s working for me but it’s blank for her. She JUST installed the game yesterday when I told her but we don’t know what the problem is. We both checked to make sure trading was operational and it is. :confused:

If it’s working for you and especially if you’re able to see your friend’s pokemon, then your friend is definitely not entering your username correctly with regards to case sensitiveness. Tell your friend the exact username which you use to login from Online Play in your pokegear. Specify which letters are capital and which are not.