Cant trade for Beldum in Kepler city

so im in the house with the npc and he wants a fire/electric type pokemon for beldum and i try giving him magnemite and growlith but hes not accepting both of them HELP

He asks for a Fire AND Electric type Pokemon. The only Pokemon that meets this requirement is Rotom-Heat.

holy shit… k and where can i find rotom and turn him into heat form?

Every TV in the game has a random chance of spawning a Rotom when you talk to it. Rotom’s forme can be changed in Anastasia’s workshop.

guess what? i was lucky to find rotom at the tv in the house next door to the man who want to trade beldum

No way, before reading this post I never knew about getting Rotom from a TV, despite having checked quite a few TV’s before. Litteraly the same TV in the house where you get this trade immediately spawned a Rotom hahhahah

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