Can't proceed in Murk forest quest

So i get to the last Ariados near the ledges, where the escape rope can be found, after defeating it the game pans off to the trees as if it’s trying to do a cutscene with all the shaking and then just stops, and then I’m unable to move or do anything, it just straight up freezes. I thankfully saved before then but is there anyway to complete this and get the delta metang?

I don’t think they’ve be fixed it yet, but I believe there might be another ariados somewhere unreachable that’s causing the bug. I might be wrong though

I’m having the same problem, but I accidentally pressed quicksave while trying to get unstuck, and now I’m stuck for good as far as I can tell. Has anyone figured out what to do about this?

I had the same issue, the best thing to do is reset and save a different Ariados for last

I unfortunately saved after each ariados :'D so I’ve only got that one left.

Doesn’t look like there is anything much to do on our end. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next patch.