Cant launch the game?

Hi! So yesterday I downloaded this the game, and played it for a while. Today, when I try to open it, it just crashes automatically. It says RGSS Player stopped working. Why? I’ve reinstalled two times and it still wont work. help, i really love this game!

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Been having this same issue! Are you on a mac?

Mmm, so I had the same problem after I played 1.1.7 a little then restarted my computer, after a little searching I managed to find out how to fix the problem. I don’t know what the problem is itself, but I know how to fix it.

System>Advanced System Settings Click the “settings” button in the performance box, and go to the tab labeled “data execution protection”. Click “Add” and find the game launcher (Game.exe) and apply the changes. You should be good to go from there.

Edit: For Mac… Sorry, friends, I do not have an answer.

Thx, it work!

OMG this worked, thank you soo much!

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