Can't give the Red Paperclip

Ok, I’m in an awkward situation. My save file of Insurgence is pretty old, so I got most items way back, quite some years ago. Recently, however, I decided to go and try to fill my pokedex. Been all around Torren looking for any missing pokemon, breeding here and there, and hunting for legendaries and deltas. However, the time came to go and look out for Genesect. In order to being able to fight it, I first have to complete the item trading quest. I already had the Red Paperclip from years ago, so I took it to Midna Garden to trade it for the Broken Masterball… and nothing. The guy in Midna Garden is like “you’ve got nothing good for me, sucker” (well, not with THOSE words, but anyway), and I’m guessing that’s because my save file is too old, and the Red Paperclip is not with the Key Items in my bag, but with all the repels, water stones and soft sands (and with some megastones I can’t use either).

i believe that if you start the quest from the beginning it should work just fine

Alredy went back to Gaea Town to see if I could get the Red Paperclip again and in the right pocket of the bag… but nothing! I don’t know if there’s a way to fix that (and I can’t fill my Pokedex, since I can’t get access to Genesect).

maybe if you toss it away it will work dont take my word for it tho
create a backup save then try it

Just tried to do that, but the item can’t be tossed. Only option it gives me when I try to select it in my bag is “Cancel”.

Thanks for taking the time to try and help me, by the way.

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