Cant get to the second cave on Mount Rose Crater

I can see a couple items that are out of my reach on the Mount Rose Crater (general area of the Infernal Base) but I cant get to any of them. I found a map on the wiki for the area and saw a set of stairs fairly close to the entrance to the infernal base which seems to lead to the rest of the area, including a second cave at the northern part, but going to look the stairs do not appear for me. I saw on that page mention of a manaphy statue but I cant see one. Does anyone know if the stairs were removed purposely, is my game broken or am I just blind? (Ive already beaten the game and pretty much all of the post game as well, now Im just looking for more things to find)

welcome its at the very top of that map

just say welcome to the community, its at the very top of that map lol

but anyways welcome

I know that, I cant get to it. Theres a set of stairs I saw on the map on the wiki that arent there in the game

what version r u on? the wiki is updated 1.2.5 and not 1.2.3 and below try downloading the 1.2.7 core

1.2.3 Core, how I download the update? Is it gonna delete my save if I do lmao

if you go to the main page and to 1.2.7 patch page the core should be there after scrolling for a bit and save wont be gone

Ive downloaded the patch, do I need to move the file folder to the pokemon insurgence core in my files?

download the core not the patch

the patch will on work on 1.2.5 cores

not 1.2.3

New core has been downloaded, what to do now?

extract it and wait

It finally finished extracting everything, but the game just crashes when I go to open it. Should I delete the old 1.2.3 core from my computer?


Deleted the old core, game still wont open

screenshot it and put it here

Screenshot what? The game crashing lmao. I have 2 different folders for it, one labelled 1.2.7 Core and another with identical files labelled 1.2.7

the error…