Can't get pass primal groudon, need assistance

Hello, i don’t know if someone had the same problem as me, but, i’m at the point where i need to fight against zenith and it’s primal groudon, and i’m kinda triggered because the dev forgot to put an exit to the base so i can change my team and train accordingly to fight one of the strongest legendary there is, and now i’m stuck, i can’t beat him.

So what can i do ? I already beaten up all the grunt and my team isn’t totally underleveled, it’s just groudon that is killing all my team…

Is there any way for me to upload my save so i can get unstuck and put somewhere else in the game before the event in the base start ? Something like that, because there is no point for me trying again and again when i obviously can’t win the fight.

Thx in advance…

Nvm, i beat him out of sheer luck, but it really need an escape routes for thoses who can’t beat him.

It does tell you ingame that you won’t be able to change your team after that certain point. It’s not an oversight, it’s intended.