Can't find the Pokeflute (Video Included)

Just what the title says. I’ve gone through the event where I’ve been challenged by the leader of the Abyssal Cult, but I’m supposed to go to the top of Miara Town and get the Pokeflute from the museum guy, but he’s not showing up. I’ve gone in and out of the route and I’ve looked around abit but I can’t find him.

I uploaded a small video to YouTube showing the problem.

Some ideas:

Check to ensure that you have battled Audrey at the Whirl Islands, and that you don’t already have the Poke Flute.

Fly somewhere else and back to Miara Town.

Check to ensure that you’re playing on 1.2.3 or a similar update.

Ok . . . problems

So, I haven’t battled Audrey at the Whirl Islands yet because I haven’t figured out how to get there. I thought getting past the Snorlax was the next thing I needed to do? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I can’t figure out how to get off this cliff, and I thought that the Snorlax was blocking a passage that goes to this cave. Am I wrong about that?

Also, I can’t use Fly yet because I don’t have enough badges. I tried using the Pika Taxi from another town to get to Miara, but that didn’t work.

And Yes, I’m sure I’m using 1.2.3. That’s what it’s named in the folder.

If I recall correctly, you reach the cliff bottom by leaving the bottom floor of the museum north of you in the screenshot.

Enter the museum and to your right, there will be a stairwell down. From there, leave the museum by heading south.

Oh, so I’m supposed to get the Pokeflute after. Thank you so much

You’re welcome. Have a nice day, and good luck through the rest of the game!