Cant find NO DATA

the wiki says bottom right corner of the map but i cant find it when soaring

It’s this small thing in the bottom right corner, the only way you can tell you’re above it is the top left saying Gaea Town. It might not teleport you in though, i’m having problems with it.

could you send a screenshot of the location?

There’s probably a prerequisite I was missing when I was making the article. I assume it may be after the E4 rematch or something.

It’s supposed to be here.

Are you on 1.2.2 or 1.2.3? I’m using 1.2.3 so i’m not sure if this is just a bug with that, but I just see this

I am on 1.2.2 and that is the same thing i see. i cant enter either

I’m on

If I’m not mistaken, you have to first go to Gaea town and divide by zero on the Human Calculator to put the “glitch” in the map.

Yes, and you don’t need to rematch the e4.

just divided by zero and the game crashed. is this supposed to happen?


I saw during my journey with emolga taxi an island where is a cave, which is blocked, and found a mega stone too in that island, I think that island is called Mysterious Sprite or something like that, what lies inside the cave and how is it possible to open the cave?

Mysterious Spire. We don’t know what’s inside because it’s impossible to get all the pokemon right now due to bugs.

Oh thank you! When I get to NO DATA and stuff I will do and modify the wiki haha