Can't Find Flygonite in 1.2.5

As of 1.2.5 I can’t find the Flygonite at all in the Rezzai Dessert. The old location now has the tyranitarite and the wiki (which is out of date as of 1.2.5) location also doesn’t have it.

Thank you

on the lower half of the desert, in the southwester part, there is a flygon on a cliff, its near that flygon.

Hmmmm, I’ve been all the way up and down that area and haven’t found it. I’ll look there some more I guess

its hidden btw, just in case you didnt know. spamming spacebar worked for me lol

Just found it! I somehow missed that spot. It’s 1 over and look up from the right side of the edge of the cliff with the flygon

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