Can't evolve delta phantump

when i try to evolve delta phantump with the witch doctor it says that i need it to hold an item to evolve and when i try to evolve delta clamperl into huntail it evolves into a normal hunatil instead of a delta huntail.

Trade phantump with another player and wait for 1.2.3’s official release for your delta huntail problem.

i just expected the phantump bug to be fixed by now since thats what the wiki said e

You used a deepseatooth to evolve delta clamperl, right? That gives you a normal huntail for some reason. But the evolution sequence should not even have triggered to begin with since delta clamperl needs a different item.

You use the DRAGON fang/scale for that. I can attest with both delta huntail and delta gorebyss in my box that it works, but just in case save before speaking with witchdoctor

ty dude i got my delta huntail

Hold on, this doesn’t work the same way for Delta Gorebyss. I gave Clamperl a DeepSeaScale and take it to the witchdoctor. She keeps telling me Clamperl needs an item to evolve even though Clamperl clearly has the item.

delta clamperl evolves when traded while holding dragon scale or dragon tooth