Can't beat 8th gym! Help!

Seriously, this gym is impossible. I’ve been trying for a while now. it might be because my team is underleveled, but drapion always wipes my team. any tips on beating drapion and his other pokemon? or even tips on ways i can get advantages from within the nightmare realm? any help is appreciated!

I’m not sure what your team is but regardless of your situation you can always go back to the REM Ocean and train. You said your team was underleveled so that seems to be a pretty simple solution.

what level should i be at for this fight?

You know what the levels of his Pokemon are, so whatever you feel is appropriate. Again, I’m not sure what your team is or how easily you’ve found all the fights so far in the game. You should have a good idea of what level you need to be at based on how easy or hard the game as been for you so far.

I’m not really sure what team i should use yet, but i havent really caught many pokemon. if anyone were to give me a team suggestion it would be very broad. the point is, i need to know which pokemon to level because that drapion wipes me every time.

I’m pretty sure that at the moment you can’t leave the Dream Realm, so I think you’re just going to have to use whatever Pokemon you have in your PC. In any case, do you have a Ground type (that’s at least somewhat strong and fast) with Earthquake or Earth Power? If so, give it a Choice Scarf. That will help with the Drapion.

can you even get a choice scarf in dream realm? also, i have mega marowak and delta grimer to use. but i think mega eevee is better. she’s been my carry tbh

You can’t get a Choice Scarf in the Dream Realm. If you don’t have one that’s fine. You know he uses Dark Pokemon, so do you have any good Fighting or Fairy types (or Bug)? And something with a strong Ground move that can live a hit from Drapion, so you can live and KO it back.

Aside from that, here’s what you do. It’s this simple.

  1. Train your Pokemon until they all grow 2 levels.
  2. Save, then battle the gym leader.
  3. If you lose, go back to Step 1.

that seems pretty time consuming, but i think it’ll work. i’ll base a pokemon or two around that drapion, and get some fairy and bug types. also, i have a riolu that i randomly got from WT, so that’s nice. but it’s late so i’m going to bed; I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow. thanks for all of your help!