Cannot exit other players' secret bases?

This seems like the best topic to post this in. Whenever I try to leave anyone’s secret base I visit, the screen goes black for a second then it goes back to the exit in the same base, just with me being one tile into the wall so I’m stuck and can’t get out. I’ve been using the memory chamber to wipe my team as a workaround, just wanted to ask if this was a problem for anyone else? Thanks. Edit: On an unrelated note, my friend safari seems to be ‘empty,’ as in no pokemon will ever appear no matter how long I run around in it. Is there a reason for this?

If you get stuck, use the tablet to get back to your own base.

The Mini-Evil base theme is currently bugged, friend safari pokemon don’t appear if you have it as your theme.

Dang, I really like that theme :frowning: