Can you spare a Torchic?

Trading Name: Egill

Offer: I have a bunch of Pokémon. Including Ditto and its Delta counterpart

Request: A regular old Torchic

Further info: If it’s a Pokémon that I can breed/catch more of, I can get you that

Sure, I can give one with speed boost and 5IVS @Egill

No need. Just trying to fill the Dex and Torchic is way more rare than it needs to be

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Nevermind, I managed to find, and catch, a Torchic. I was just happy that after my own weather effect ended the hail didn’t come back.

Also, they should up the rarity of Torchic. I found, and unfortunately killed a Shiny Emboar way before I found Torchic.

That hurts

Damn, u know u could catch a combusken and breed it, right?

(Combusken is at friend safari)

I don’t have a fire type friend safari (or fighting) and I don’t have internet. I am commenting here with mobile data

Ohhhh, that makes sense

My mum has a hotspot and she could always activate it the next day, but it’s nearing midnight and was hoping that I could get a Torchic tomorrow

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oh. welp nvm.

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