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Can you spare a hidden ability Omanyte/Omastar?

Trading Name: Neurstro

Offer: I just got my 2nd gym badge so I don’t have much to offer

Request: A hidden ability Omanyte or Omastar

Further info: I am breeding my Pokémon for perfect IV’s, the right nature, and ability. My Omanyte/Omastar is the only Pokémon on the team I plan to use that I want to have it’s hidden ability. I would have to play through the game until around the 5th gym to have access to a hidden ability Omastar, and would prefer to have it sooner.

I can help ya @Neurstro

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Thanks! Do you have one already? If so I’m ready to trade, if not let me know when you have one. Also what is your trading name again?

I will have it in 5-7 minutes.

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I Just wake up

Oh, okay. Don’t let me disturb your daily routine if you want we can trade in 9 hours and 48 minutes

Is there a chance u have an iv stone ? If not, I can do it for free

No man, I wanna help ya now lol

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I will be busy later

I don’t have IV stones but I have heart scales.

Hmm I have 26 already, I will just do it for free

Ok, sorry, and thanks

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Is there any held item u want me to give to the omanyte

No problem

A Shuca Berry please. Need it for my Magnezone.

I think I can go buy it

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Can you plant berries, or can you only find and buy them?

U can only buy them

But they are super cheap like 20 bucks each berry

Do you know where I can first buy them?