Can you recatch Arceus if you didn't catch it?

It used struggle. All that was said


Sadly, no- it’s a hard one per save.

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Oof. I’m feeling bad for you right now. Did you saved before fighting Reurka?

yea thankfully

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Surprisingly I caught Arceus in a few minutes. I really had no difficulty and this was ofcourse just dumb luck but the worst legendary according to me to catch was Meloetta. It took me 3 days, many pokeballs and soft resetting countless times before I finally caught it. Just saying though in insurgence the combination of the sleep ball and ancient ball seems to be extremely effective. I am not sure of the exact statistics but I have caught some of the weaker legendaries by simply throwing these two balls at them. As for your question if you have not progressed very far i would suggest go to your pc search for the folder called saved games. Then make a backup for all the saves in there and then simply rename the one of the older saves which would something along the lines of Save_0_Backup_n.rxdata where n belongs to {1,2,3} as Game.rxdata which will make that save your present save for when you run the game. hopefuly if you have not saved too many times after the arceus you can go back and do this.

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i caught meloette after wasting 15 ancient balls and caught it in a ultra ball