Can you patch a ROM for this?

Hello! I’m sure this question has probably been asked before, but after surfing for fifteen minutes, I think I’m done.

I play my ROMs on TwilightMenu++ on my 3DS. Is there a way to patch a FireRed ROM to play this game on my 3DS, or is it Windows/Mac only? I’m also a little confused about how, because I’ve never seen a RGSSAD file before :confused:

Any help would be appreciated!

Insurgence is not a romhack; no patching is required to play it. The game was created in RPG Maker, which means that it is meant to be native to Windows. Although there are workarounds that allow it to be played on Mac, there is no known method of making the game work on a 3DS.

Aww, that’s too bad. Thank you for the reply!