Can you have one save in two devices?

Can you do that without making the game and save crash?

Yeah, if you copy them and send them to that device. Remember that they now will be 2 different ones, and you can change the course and decisions you make in the game, since you have 2 devices. Unless you keep switching them between devices, they won’t technically still be the same save. Have I lost you?

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I think if I make a decision and save on that device, it will be there forever.

And maybe. I have lost myself for that matter. Stupid school.

Heys guys i need help. Ive got Insurgence on both my PC and android phone (Joiplay emulator) but im trying to move my Cellphone save file with over 20 hours progress to my PC and i cant figure out where the save file is! At this point it is painfully obvious the save file is not in the Insurgence core packet so i dont know where to go from here getting my cellphone save file to the computer. Moving everything from my phone to the computer it lets me boot up the game fine and start a new campaign but NOT load the file that my emulator is able to load. Please help.

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