Can you get darkrai?

I LOVE DARKRAI hes my favorite Pokemon and when i heard he was in this game i began searching but i still dont know if he is capable i wanna have him as a Pokemon in game but i dont know if he is if he isn’t are they’re plans on adding him?

No, but there are plans. All 721 Pokemon will eventually be in the game

can you capture him in the plans?

Yeah, I meant all 721 captuarable

cool thanks 1 last question do you know when he could be added in or no

Before 2017, maybe earlier. Check the developers’ twitter or the discord channel for updates

If you don’t feel like waiting, you can always catch it in a randomizer!


It is a challenge run that you pick when you begin a game where you can catch all of the pokemon, including ones not included in the main game yet, like most legendaries and some deltas.

Is it time limited? Or is is just called challenge run for fun

No it’s not limited, it’s just a challenge run, you can do one at any time as long as you select it at the beginning.

It’s a challenge run because its got different rules from the normal game. ie: Randomizer the pokemon you can catch are random

The way to catch Darkrai in a vanilla game without waiting for the next update. The only Legendary you can catch right now short of a randomizer is Thundurus.

Sorry for the reply to this super old thread, but now in 2017 does anyone know how to catch a darkrai? I’ve made it to the elite four without encountering him in battle, though i did do the dream realm sequence and stuff, if anyone knows, please tell me, thanks!

Go back to the dream realm for a second time

May I ask how to do that? Or will it happen in the story?

Go to Route 5, look for a cave above a waterfall. You need rock climb (and waterfall, obviously)

Oh okay, the same area i left from?


Thanks a lot!