Can you get a Focus Sash before the second gym?

I’ve tried to use a Focus Band to endure 1 hit from Xaviers Mega Beedrill to hit back with a Return then a Quick Attack but I don’t feel like doing that anymore because it just wont activate. Is there a way to get a Focus Sash at this point?

I got 5 of them, want one?

In the worst case, use a Flame Charge Ponyta to boost your speed and hit him on his paper thin physical side.

I already have a Fire type so I would like one of those Focus Sashes rather than replacing my Fire type

Alright, let me just a few seconds and I am redy for a trade. Want a specific Pokémon?

Don’t need anything specific. Also, I’ve never traded before, so how will this work?

It’s also my forst time, but here is how I think it works:

Press D and try to connect to the server. You need a accound of some kind. Then, tell me your username. I’ll try something.

Username is same as my username here


I can send one in your base

Username: PeterHolmes74

wait… I think we disconected. I’ll try again

Doesn’t really matter. needed to get a pokemon I’m not using that’s not a Delta

tell me when you are ready

i don’t really know how to select the right pokemon

Try to press V at the begeining, then use the arrow key

ok i sent the trade request


Worked finally beat that cursed beedrill

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yo any chance u can spare one? frickin hate this beedrill and my togepi is currently not evolved (trying to get it to evolve but friendship training kinda do be annoying) if not thats fine, i can try with focus band

please don’t necro post. this was 3 months ago. you should start a new topic instead.