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Can you get a Focus Sash before the second gym?

I’ve tried to use a Focus Band to endure 1 hit from Xaviers Mega Beedrill to hit back with a Return then a Quick Attack but I don’t feel like doing that anymore because it just wont activate. Is there a way to get a Focus Sash at this point?

I got 5 of them, want one?

In the worst case, use a Flame Charge Ponyta to boost your speed and hit him on his paper thin physical side.

I already have a Fire type so I would like one of those Focus Sashes rather than replacing my Fire type

Alright, let me just a few seconds and I am redy for a trade. Want a specific Pokémon?

Don’t need anything specific. Also, I’ve never traded before, so how will this work?

It’s also my forst time, but here is how I think it works:

Press D and try to connect to the server. You need a accound of some kind. Then, tell me your username. I’ll try something.

Username is same as my username here


I can send one in your base

Username: PeterHolmes74

wait… I think we disconected. I’ll try again

Doesn’t really matter. needed to get a pokemon I’m not using that’s not a Delta

tell me when you are ready

i don’t really know how to select the right pokemon

Try to press V at the begeining, then use the arrow key

ok i sent the trade request


Worked finally beat that cursed beedrill

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